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The 2017 Mustafa (Pbuh) Prize Laureates

Sami Erol Gelenbe
For Communication Technology
PhD. of Computer Science
Imperial College London

Prof. Sami Gelenbe is awarded;

For his pioneering research on “Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems.” He invented the random neural network and the eponymous G-networks or Gelenbe Networks as a model for queueing systems.

M.Amin Shokrollahi
For Communication Technology
PhD. of Mathematics & Computer Sciences
University of Bonn

Prof. M.Amin Shokrollahi is awarded;

For his outstanding work on Communications: Raptor Codes. The world's most advanced forward error correction (FEC) code for data networks, Raptor codes invented by Shokrollahi in 2001, provide protection against packet loss by sending additional repair data used to reconstruct "erased" or "lost" data.