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The Selection Process


The assessment committee of the prize first evaluates the general features and qualifications of the “works” and then sends the selected ones to the scientific committee.

• Submitted works should not have been awarded any other international prizes.

• In the final step, a group of seven high-profile researchers and academics examine the works and select one according to the following criteria:


Distinctive features of the work

The work should be notably innovative and outstanding; it should have specific applications and tangible results with reasons specified for its significance.


Influence of the work

The work should have already resulted in advancing the frontiers of knowledge; it should also have had a great regional or global impact. Its results should have been published either in the form of a scientific theory or should have potential for production and wealth generation. Moreover, it should have a visible impact on the economy, culture, society, health, environment, and/or public welfare. The work should also have a share in addressing scientific and technological needs and solving social problems.


Owner of the work

The owner of the work (nominee) should have a high scientific profile and good reputation. This manifests itself in the number and quality of his/her publications, innovations, patents, etc. The nominee should also have an innovative and holistic scientific spirit.

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