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Khadem Al-Mustafa(pbuh) Insignia

Khadem Al-Mustafa(pbuh) insignia has been established and introduced in order to explain and develop the good tradition of endowment and to appreciate the dedication and great efforts of the Holy Prophet’s(pbuh) devoted and enthusiastic followers.

So far, a large number of elite in various fields of science, technology, culture, and art, along with scholars and those interested in science and technology development, as well as benefactors from universities, knowledge-based companies, organizations, and institutions have joined the Group of Mustafa(pbuh) Servants to help realize the motto of “Each Muslim One Share to Develop Science and Technology”.

Khadem Al-Mustafa(pbuh) insignia has been registered at the international level. It aims to shape the remarkable and sincere efforts of benefactors in science and technology around the world into a collective indomitable will to succeed in the objectives of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize. This priceless insignia along with a certificate of appreciation and Khadem Al-Mustafa(pbuh) badge are dedicated to Mustafa’s(pbuh)  Servants.


Images of Khadem Al-Mustafa(pbuh) international insignia

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