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The Secretariat

As the secretariat of the Prize, Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF)  is responsible for operating the secretariat and pursuing affairs relevant to the Prize.

Tasks of the Secretariat:

1- Invite and call for the Prize and extend call in case needed

2- Recommend application requisites for the prize and its sideline programs to the policy making council and its implementation

3- Receive plans from the nominating institutions

4- Follow up assessment  and decisions made on the received plans from the nominating institutions

5- Organize Prize event and its side line programs

6- Provide and distribute information and publicity at international level

7- Registration of ordinary participants

8- Send invitation letters to foreign and domestic participants

9- Determine venue of the event  and details of the program

10- Organize and arrange all main and sideline programs

11- Identify and attract sponsors for the event

12- Documentation of the program

13- Handle other related tasks of the Prize

14- Recommendation on change of articles and paragraphs of the statute adopted to the Policy making Council where necessary

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