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Nomination Form
Mustafa Prize 2021

Mustafa Prize Nomination Form must be filled out only by eminent scientists of the world or nominating institutions. Self nomination will not be considered by the Secretariat.
Eminent scientists or nominating institutions are required to observe the following criteria for completing this Nomination Form in English for individuals who have outstanding works or at least an exceptional accomplishment.

Distinguishing feature of the work: The work should be notably innovative, outstanding and immanent; it should have specific application and tangible results with reasons specified for its significance. The work should not have already received any of the few most distinguished and authentic international awards.

Influence of the work: The work should have already resulted in scientific contribution to pushing back the frontiers of knowledge; it should also have had a great regional or global impact. Its results should have been published either in the form of a scientific theory or should have potential for production and wealth generation. Moreover, it should have a visible impact on the economy, culture, society, health improvement, environment, and/or public welfare. The work should also have a share in addressing scientific and technological needs and solving social problems.

Owner of the work: The owner of the work (nominee) should have a high scientific profile and good reputation, valuable scientific background, significant and authentic publications, innovations, and patents, and/or her/his work should have contributed to the development of new technologies. The nominee should also have an innovative and holistic view. Moreover, she/he must be living. The prize is not awarded posthumously.

Nomination Form